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With a wide arsenal of artists in-house and under our freelance program, we are able to accomodate almost any art and design request. Graphic design, illustrations, photo manipulaition, webstore creation, and cut-&-sew teck-packs are all part of our daily operations

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We have a wide range of partners that ensure that if we are not able to make something, our network can, and because of those relationships we are still able to bring items to market at a lower cost than most. This ability also allows us to be a one stop production facility. Screen printing, embroidery, enamel, custom dyeing, sublimation, and international cut-&-sew are all available through Killer Merch.

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Pick, pack and ship. It's how we started and something we gave come to excel at. Our large output has enabled us to negotiate low market prices for standard and international shipping. D2C or B2B we can customize our program to your needs. Killer Merch pushed over 1 million packages out of our doors in 2016!