On May 1st, 2017, Killer picked up Danny Duncan, marking the beginning of a transformative partnership. By August 31, 2017, Killer achieved its first six-figure month through Danny's Shopify store. The collaboration continued to flourish, with Killer Merch supporting Danny Duncan on his inaugural Virginity Rocks World Tour on, followed by two more successful tours. Killer expanded Danny's "Virginity Rocks" line to over 600 Zumiez stores, rapidly claiming the top spot as the best-selling brand. The momentum soared further, when Killer wrote Danny Duncan his first $1 million dollar check for a month of sales. Subsequent milestones included opening Danny's Fairfax pop-up shop, and securing a pivotal deal with Spencer's on July 19, 2021, solidifying Danny as their top brand. The partnership continued to thrive with new agreements: Tilly's and Hot Topic. Most recently, Killer launched Danny's "Monday Market" store on Melrose, marking another significant achievement in their collaborative journey.

Beginning Of An Era

Danny Duncan signs his merchandise deal with Killer Merch

100K+ Milestone

Danny reaches his first 6 figure month in merchandise sales on his online store.

Danny's First Tour

Killer Merch supports Danny Duncan on his first Virginity Rocks World Tour which grossed over x in ticket sales and x in merchandise sales.


Killer Merch puts Danny’s ‘Virginity Rocks’ apparel into all 600+ Zumiez locations and quickly becomes the #1 brand in the entire store.

First Million

Killer Merch writes Danny Duncan his first 1 million dollar check for a single month of merchandise sales.

Danny's Cream Pies

Danny Duncan opens the ‘Danny’s Cream Pies’ pop up shop on Fairfax Ave.


Killer Merch signs a retail deal with Spencer’s for Danny Duncan & becomes #1 brand in the store, which he still is to this day.


Killer Merch locks in retail deal with Tilly’s for Danny Duncan.

Hot Topic

Killer Merch locks in retail deal with Hot Topic for Danny Duncan.

Monday Market

Dany Duncan opens up his Monday Market brick & mortar store on Melrose in Los Angeles.

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  • August 31, 2017
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